The Front Line of Excellence

Yakima Towing - Speedy Towing Services is leading the industry of roadside assistance and towing. We have a variety of trucks with experienced employees knowing how to get the job done safely and quick. We have the best equipment to get your vehicle from point-a to point-b, delivering the desired results. We take pride in our ability to assist the public with any towing and roadside needs.

Speedy Towing Services is a Yakima Towing company located in the heart of Yakima Washington. Yakima is a valley in central Washington State that experiences sunny weather all year round. Just because we have sunny weather however doesn't mean we don't have four seasons. We experience four seasons here and are prepared to work in all different kinds of weather conditions. In the winter we have the added caution of snow and ice on the roadways and have many situations where vehicles are stuck due to snow and ice. This type of weather also increases the amount of accidents that happen on the roadway and calling a tow truck after a crash is a very common occurrence. If you are in a wreck and need wrecking towing assistance please give us a call. 

We have different tow trucks for different size vehicles. If you are driving a heavy vehicle like a semi truck and need a tow truck then we will dispatch a heavy tow truck to take care of the job. If you drive a smaller vehicle that would be more standard size then one of our standard size tow trucks is ready to come and help you with your problem. Depending upon how far you need to travel and the state of your vehicle will also help us determine which type of tow truck would be best to help you on your way. 

When you call in for a tow truck make sure you give us as much information about your vehicle situation as possible. The more information we know about what is going on the more we will be able to meet your need as quick as possible. We would hate to send the wrong tow truck to the scene because we didn't receive the correct information from you. We thank you in advance for working with us and allowing us to help you on your way. We take pride in being able to serve the public with both towing service and roadside assistance in the Yakima County area. 

Each person wants to know they are going to be safe when traveling and when things do not go according to plan it's always helpful to know that a trusted towing company with years of experience is ready and willing to help. If you find yourself in a tough situation and need some assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call so that we can come and help you get your vehicle back on the road the way it should be. Each time you give us a call you give us an opportunity to help someone in need and we appreciate that.