Can towing a car cause damage?

Often cars needing towing are already damaged, but it isn't always cosmetic which makes one wonder if cosmetic damages can happen from towing. Another common damage concern from a car being towed if if the transmission is effected on cars that are towed with two of the wheels left on the ground. 

The simple answer to this questions is yes, damage can happen to a car when being towed, BUT no it should not happen if everything is done correctly! As long as a tow truck driver is doing their job correctly they shouldn't be any additional damage done to a vehicle needing a tow truck. 

If a vehicle is in a wreck and is stuck off road it is possible that the only way to recover a wrecked vehicle is to add some damage to it while getting it back on the road. Typically cars in situations like this are already totaled and the damaged caused from winching it up to the road and on to a tow truck is minimal compared to the damage already caused to the car from the wreck it was in.

The winter time when the roads are cold and covered in snow and ice is a common time for people to slide off the road in their vehicles. The snow often covers objects that are unseen until hit by a vehicle. One must be careful when driving off road in the snow when they are unaware of what is underneath the snow. When cars get into accidents in the snow and ice there is typically damage caused from either hitting a stationary object or another moving vehicle. 

Car Bumper Damage From Towing Improperly

A common damage that occurs to cars being towed is damage to their bumper. Either the bumper is dented, dislodged, or even removed from a tow hook improperly placed on the car. If a tow truck driver fails to hook up a tow cable correctly it can apply pressure to the car's bumper and easily make an indent when the tow cable gets taught from the winch pulling it to the tow truck ramp. Each situation is a little different when towing a vehicle but if the vehicle is on a flat road it is generally the same process every time. If a car is stuck off road then there might be different techniques needed to get the car to the tow truck safely. Safety for both the people involved in the process and the vehicle itself. 

There are a variety of different situations and circumstances that can cause damage to a vehicle being towed, but if a tow truck driver is doing their job properly then the least amount of damage should happen to the vehicle.