How A Tow Truck Works

As long as we have had cars driving on the road we have pretty much had tow vehicles as well. When cars get stuck or they break down they need assistance getting to their destination and that is where a tow truck comes in real handy. A tow truck can basically move a vehicle from any location and there are different types of methods that a tow truck will use depending upon what type of vehicle is being towed and the condition of the vehicle. 

The Hydraulic Arm Method

The hydraulic arm method is what you see in the picture above. This is where a tow truck has a hydraulic arm off the back that will easily slide underneath a vehicle and grab hold of the tires as it lifts the front end of the car or truck off the ground. Once the front end of the vehicle is lifted off the ground and the car is securely attached to the tow truck, then the car can easily be moved down the road. The car being towed is going to have all of its weight both on the back two wheels of the car and the hydraulic arm of the tow truck. When being towed down the road the back two wheels of the vehicle will be spinning. If you have a car that is damaged then this method might not be the best because you have to have an axle of the car that is in proper working condition.  

uA nice feature of the hydraulic arm method for towing is that it causes no damage to the car. Earlier methods would use chains and hooks to attach to the car and even lift the car up from underneath which is more likely to cause damage. When the car is only being lifted by the tires it is less likely that damage to the car being towed will happen. 

The Flatbed Tow Truck Method

The flatbed tow truck method is also a common, if not the most common, form of towing a vehicle. Flatbed tow trucks have a flatbed on the back that is large enough to fit a variety of different size vehicles. The flatbed is also hydraulically maneuvered so that it can easily load and unload vehicles. Typically a tow truck driver will park the tow truck in front of a vehicle being towed and he or she will tilt the flatbed down so the tail end is touching the ground. This makes a ramp for the vehicle getting towed to be loaded onto the tow truck. Next there will be a cable winch with chains and hooks attached to the end that are secured to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is secured then the powerful winch will pull the vehicle up onto the tilted flatbed. Once the vehicle is on the flatbed then the vehicle can be secured with chains. Tow truck flatbeds usually have multiple spots for the chains to attach on the sides which make it easy and quick to secure a vehicle for towing. Throwing a  chain over an axle and securing it both in front and the rear makes a solid way to hold a vehicle in place. 

Which ever type of situation you are in we are happy to come help with one of our tow trucks to get your car to the destination. Give us a call and let us know as much details about your situation so we can help you as fast as we can.