Why Towing Is So Expensive

Let's talk about why towing a vehicle can be so expensive for a car owner and how insurance can help save the day. 

The fact that calling a tow truck is not a cheap expense is well known to most drivers and we all wish that we never would have to call one. Unfortunately it's just like we all wish we would never have to call an ambulance, but when the time comes and we are in need we don't hesitate to call. At that point the cost really isn't on our mind, but instead getting the task at hand completed: getting our car from point A to point B as safely and as quick as possible. 

When adding up the costs to a tow truck it really isn't that complicated. 

  • Fueling the tow truck is a major expense. Tow trucks are powerful and heavy and thus they require a lot of fuel to drive them around. When someone orders a tow truck they are paying to cover their fuel to drive from the tow truck lot out to where your vehicle is and then to your destination and then back to their lot. Also, cars are all different weights and so a heavier car is going to take more fuel consumption by the tow truck than a car that is lighter. 
  • Next would be the factor of the service they are providing for you. If your car is stuck on the side of the road you don't have anywhere close to the means to tow it to another location. The only people who own tow trucks are tow truck companies so it isn't something that you can really do on your own especially if the only vehicle you own is the one that is stranded on the side of the road. So there is a convenience to calling a tow truck and having them do all the work for you. 
  • We must think about the labor and the equipment that goes into operating a towing company. A tow truck can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and it also needs to be maintained in order to be ready to go all the time. 
  • The time of day that you call is also a factor. A lot of tow truck companies provide 24 hour service and if you are calling them in the middle of the night this means you are paying someone to work at those hours.
  • Finally we must realize that the tow truck company has to make money in order to pay their employees and make owning the business worth while. This is an additional cost to every service that is provided. If there are a lot of tow trucks available then you might find more competitive pricing, but if there are only a couple available then the price might be high due to the demand. 

As you can see there are a lot of different expenses including these and more that go into running a towing business.