Yakima Towing Companies

Finding a tow truck in Yakima Washington can be challenging if you don't know what companies are available to you. Often a person looking for Yakima Towing Companies will just do a search when they are in need. 

Take this situation for example: A person is traveling from Portland Oregon up to Ellensburg Washington to visit some family members who just had a baby. On their way to Ellensburg they are going to be driving directly through Yakima Washington, but have no plans on stopping for any reason. So far the drive is going well and the roads have been fine. When the driver gets into Yakima County they suddenly feel a jerk in their car's steering and they slowly pull their car over to the side of the road. Now we see this situation a lot because this person has experience a tire gong flat while they are driving on the freeway. 

After getting out on the side of the road and inspecting their tires, not only do they notice they have one that has gone flat, but they also notice their tires in general are in very poor shape and should probably all be replaced. 

Having little to no experience changing a tire, this person tries to find the jack in their car and can only find certain pieces and is unable to jack up the car. At this point they are not sure what to do and so the next thing they think about is calling one of the Yakima Towing Companies. They wonder if there is a tow truck available or even just someone available with a tire jack to help them change their tire. The tow company decides to send a technician their way in a tow truck. 

When the tow truck driver arrives they are able to get the tire jack out and jack up the owners car. Sure enough the tire needs to be replaced and after seeing the other tires it is recommended they all get replaced as well. The tow truck driver then takes a look at the spare tire to see if they can replace it with the flat tire for now. After looking for the spare tire the tow truck driver informs the car owner there is actually no spare tire underneath the car. The owner was sure they had a spare tire but it must not have been replaced the last time they used it. 

At this point you can see what is going to happen. The only option for this car owner who is stranded on the side of the road is having their car towed to the nearest tire repair shop. The car owner discusses this with the tow truck driver and they load the car onto the tow truck and drive it to the nearest tire shop. 

This is a very common tow truck call and it's important to be prepared when you are driving long distances. If this owner was farther away from the city their expenses would be greater due to the distance the tow truck driver would have to travel to help them get back on the road. Now this owner has to wait at the tire repair shop until their car is fixed and they can then travel to their destination. 

If you are in the Yakima area and you are in need of a tow truck you should definitely call Speedy Towing Services and get service from one of the best Yakima towing companies available.

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