Yakima Towing

If you happen to find yourself in Yakima Washington and are in need of some Yakima towing services, you are in luck! We have a variety of tow truck drivers that cover the entire Yakima county area. if you are stranded on the side of the road, a dirt road or the freeway, we can come to your aid. There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road when you are trying to get somewhere.

Every day we trust our cars to take us from point A to point B and when your car is unable to do this you can put your trust in a towing company. It's the primary job of a towing service to get you from point A to point B safely. If you are in need of some help right now please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. 

What makes Yakima Towing so special?

When we get a call from a potential customer we listen carefully to all the information regarding their towing situation. Once we have all the information we need we can then come quickly to assist you. Here is some of the information we might ask you for over the phone when you call: 

  • What type of vehicle will we be towing?
  • What is the current state of the vehicle? Any damage?
  • Where is the vehicle located?
  • Where would you like the vehicle towed to?
  • How many passengers do we need to transport as well?

Once we have this information it will greatly help us determine what type of tow truck we need to deploy to the scene and what we can expect to see when we get there. We have been on a variety of different calls so don't hesitate to give us all the necessary details we need to help you out. 

We know that your time is important. When you call a Yakima towing company you want them to respond as quickly as possible. We do our best to put your needs at the top of the list and to show up as quickly as we can. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different variables that will effect our speediness! We must factor in the information you gave us about where the vehicle is, we have to deploy our closest truck that also fits the needs of your towing situation, and there also might be bad weather at the time of your call which can also have a factor in how quickly we respond. 

Different seasons of the year and different times of the day are more busy for towing service companies. When we are in the peak of our busy season we still put our best efforts to serving our customers efficiently and in a timely manner to make sure you are satisfied with your experience with us. Definitely give us a call and let us know how your experience was so that we can improve and continue to serve our customers better and better. 

Give us a call today!